The Future of Content Creators and Influencers

Social media is one of the most popular and biggest industry with over 50% of the world's population using its platforms. Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook are among these platforms that help content creators reach 3.96 billion active users daily. The market size of those sites is a whopping $62.5 billion dollars and will go up by 17% by 2022. Content creators and Influencers everyday tap into this large industry by making posts, videos, images, vlogs, streams, and their own unique content. 

What are the averages?

Followers Revenue 
 Instagram  1 million followers $100,000-$250,000 yearly
 YouTube  1 million subscribers $18,000 per post
 Tiktok 1 million followers $5,000 a month
 Twitch 1,000 subscribers $5,000 a month



 Zach King - YouTube Star
31 year old content creator know for his "magic" videos which he calls is a "digital sleight of hand". With an around 2.84 million views a day Zach Kings earns roughly $5.12 million a year. Including paid sponsorship he could bring in as much as $9.22 million a year
Imane Anys aka Pokimane - Twitch Streamer
25 year old content creator he streams live video of her and other creators playing various video games and in 2017 was named the best streamer of the year. Pokiman makes and estimated $52,000 a month from just from Twitch subscribers, advertisements and donation. Adding her other sources of income such as YouTube, merch, and other sponsorship its estimated she makes $984,000 a year.
 Charli D'Amelio - TikTok Star
Fairly new celebrity who started in 2019 on TikTok making videos of her and of content creators dancing. She now has 79.9 million followers on TikTok adn 5.9 billion likes. Between 2019-2020 this TikTok star has made $4 million and is the second highest earning TikTok star.